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A.   What is the purpose of the introduction of the Tourist card?

The introduction of the Tourist card is aimed at facilitating travels to Suriname for a primary category of foreigners.


B. What are the advantages ?

1. One no longer has to wait for a visa
2. No procedures of filling out visa forms
3. Cheaper than a visa


C.   What are the differences between the Tourist card and a visa?
The Tourist card can only be used for 1 (one) entry. The Tourist card is not attached in the passport. No application form or picture has to be submitted (see special requirements mentioned in G.)


Note: The Tourist card is solely intended for the purpose of tourism


D.   Is a visa no longer needed (abolished) with the introduction of the Tourist card?
Not exactly, the visa requirement has not been lifted. The entry has been facilitated for the nationals as mentioned in F.


E.    Can I still apply for a three (3) year visa or a business visa?
Yes, you can still apply for a three (3) year visa (Surinamese origin) or a business visa. Such has to be applied for in accordance with the current Visa regulations.
All other types of visas maintain fully applicable.


Note: the visa application procedure remains unchanged (link to info visa )


F.    Who qualifies for the Tourist card?


Ø  Foreigners of Surinamese origin - irrespective of the nationality - provided that they meet the


ØNationals of the following countries:

18. L

19. Malta
20. The
. Norway
. Austria
. Paraguay
31. Czech Republic

32. U
34. United Kingdom

35. United States of America

36. S
. Switzerland


Source:S.B. 2013 no. 40 - Beschikking van de Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken van de Republiek Suriname 14 februari 2013 no. 1762, inzake nadere wijziging op de Visuminstructie 1983 (S.B. 1983 no. 68, zoals laatstelijk gewijzigd bij S.B. 2012 no. 39)


Persons of non Surinamese origin holding a passport of a country different than the ones mentioned above, who are in the possession of a valid Dutch residence permit (long-term stay) in the Netherlands do not qualify for the Tourist card. A visa may be applied for (
link to info visa)


G.   What do I need to purchase a Tourist card?

To obtain the Tourist card, you need to submit


§  a valid passport (at least 6 months validity upon arrival in Suriname)

§  a return flight ticket (or tickets(s) of the final destination)

§  Additional documents for example in case of:


Ø  Surinamese origin to be proved (click here)

Ø  Travelling with a minor; Required documents confirming parenthood/legal guardianship (click here)


H.   Where can I obtain the Tourist card?


The Tourist card can be obtained at 3 (three) locations, namely:


1.    At the Visa department of the Consulate General of the Republic of Suriname in Amsterdam, Monday through Friday from 09.00 – 15.00 hours (and all other Diplomatic and Consular Missions of the Republic of Suriname abroad)


2.    At the “Tourist card counters” at Schiphol Airport (see location)

Opening hours: The Tourist card counters will be open for everey SLM and KLM flight to Suriname to provide services during at least 2 (two) hours of the respective check-in times.
De opening hours are weekly updated on our website www.consulaatsuriname.nl

: the Tourist card counters are easy to reach through Departure hall 3, Entrance B or C (corridor streetside)


Contact: Tel. 020-548 1729 (0,22 cent per minute). Only in emergencies. For information please call: 020-622 6717/642 6137


3.    Upon arrival at the Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport in Suriname (all incoming flights).


I.    How much does the Tourist card cost?

The costs for the Tourist card are 20 euro in Europe (elsewhere also 25 US$)


J.    Can a family member or friend buy the Tourist card for me?


Yes, it is possible providing that the following is submitted
- your valid passport
- a return flight ticket in your name
- other additional documents which may be required (see G.)

The Tourist card cannot be obtained through (registered)mail/post or a travel agent.


K.   What is the validity of the Tourist card and can I use it for multiple entries?

The Tourist card is valid for 1 (one) entry. After arrival the card is no longer valid. A (maximum) stay will be permitted in Suriname.
For a next entry into Suriname, one needs to obtain a new Tourist card. The requirements as mentioned above are applicable.


L.    How long can I stay in Suriname with a Tourist card?


Persons of Surinamese origin will be permitted a stay of max. 6 (six) months.

Foreigners of non-Surinamese origin are allowed to stay in Suriname for a max of 90* (ninety) days. Upon arrival the Immigration will place a stamp for a “Short stay” of 30 days. If the visitor wishes to stay in Suriname longer than 30 days, he/she has to report to the Immigration Dept. (Ministry of Justice and Police) with passport and ticket for an extension of the period of stay (to a max. of 90 days).



1.     Visitors of Surinamese origin who wish to stay in Suriname longer than 6 (six) months, should apply for a residence permit. For information www.juspolsuriname.org.

2.     Visitors of non-Surinamese origin who wish to stay in Suriname longer than 90 (ninety) days, should apply for an Authorization for Temporary stay (“MKV”). They are not allowed to enter Suriname on a Tourist card ( link to MKV-requirements)

3.     Address: Immigration Office/Registration of Foreigners
Mr. J.Lachmonstraat 166-168 Paramaribo


M.  Can I buy 2 (two) cards at once for a second entry?

No, it is not possible to buy more than one Tourist card per person.


N.   Is there something special needed to purchase a Tourist card for my child(ren).

Yes, for each child (minor up to 17 years) a Tourist card can be bought with the passport, the return flight ticket and the required documents proving parenthood/legal guardianship. For information about additional documents for minors (click here)



·         The Tourist card is also your receipt. If you should pay by bankcard, you will receive a voucher.

·         Should you lose your Tourist card before travelling, you will be required to buy a new one

·         French-Guyanese citizens are not allowed to travel in transit through Suriname, using a Tourist card.

·         For countries without a visa requirement for Suriname, a Tourist card is not necessary. The Tourist card is introduced on 25th November 2011

·         As of 25th November 2011 the Consulate of Suriname will no longer provide emergency visa services at the office at the De Cuserstraat # 11 in the weekend.